The “Mysterious” Revised Concept Plan for Fort Sheridan

Active older adultsOn Monday, August 31 the Lake County Forest Board planning committee will be asked to approve a Revised Concept Plan for Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve. The agenda item reads:

“Recommend approval of Revised Concept Plan for Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve, and permission to proceed with preparation of Final Master Plan”

There’s only one problem. What is the Revised Concept Plan?

  • Has anyone seen it?
  • Will the committee receive both a presentation AND be asked to vote on the same day?
  • In spite of the hot contention of this issue, is the public completely shut out from either viewing or commenting on this plan BEFORE it is voted on?
  • Is this really the way we want our government to function?

It is both unfortunate and sad when our government plays a cat and mouse game on issues of concern and interest to the public. This has been the history of the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve Master Plan process:

  • Failure to engage the public prior to purchasing 2900 trees.
  • Failure to have an approved plan in place prior to purchasing trees or engaging a contractor to plant the trees.
  • Failure to engage the public prior to developing  two unpopular plan options
  • Aggressively discouraging public presentation of an alternative plan
  • Failure to distribute the Revised Concept Plan before a vote on it

Whew. I guess we get the government we deserve. If this is ok with you, that is. It is not ok with me.

The Revised Concept Plan will be considered at the meeting of the Planning & Restoration Committee on Monday 8/31 at 1:30. The committee meets at Lake County Forest Preserve HQ at 1899 W. Winchester Road in Libertyville.

You can see the  Agenda – Planning and Restoration Committee here (click to download).

And you can see the proposed recommended committee action & background study they conducted over the summer here (click to download).

But you cannot see the Revised Concept Plan. It is a Mystery.


2 thoughts on “The “Mysterious” Revised Concept Plan for Fort Sheridan

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed. Ft. Sheridan is such a special place…but without advocates like you, we would;t even know about these under-the-radar meetings. Thank you!!

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