Anne Flanigan Bassi Update on Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve

The following is from Lake County Forest Preserve District board member and county commissioner Anne Flanigan Bassi as distributed in her email newsletter:

Anne Flanigan Bassi
Lake County Board – District 23

The Forest Preserve District has spent years exploring options for developing a golf course on the Ft. Sheridan property in a fiscally responsible way, and in compliance with the deed restriction that accompanied the transfer the property.

In June of 2011, following the recommendation of an Advisory Committee that had spent almost two years analyzing options, the Forest Preserve District (FPD) Board of Commissioners voted to issue an RFP (request for proposals) to the private sector to submit proposals for a privately funded 9-hole golf course at Ft. Sheridan.

The national golf market decline pre-dated the overall economy’s decline by around five years.  Perhaps this is a temporary change in the market, or perhaps it represents a systemic change in the way people currently live their lives and do business.  I have heard opinions on both sides.  The District believed that private sector was in the best position to determine the future of the golf market, and whether they could bring the necessary expertise, economies of scale and synergies to bear on the project to enable them to more economically develop and operate the course.

The deadline for submitting proposals from the private sector was January 6, and no proposals were submitted.  During February or March of this year the Forest Preserve Board will be discussing policy direction in light of the lack of response to the RFP and next step(s).

I am aware that this subject is of interest to many, and will advise you of all future meetings where this subject will be discussed.


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