Thank You for Wonderful Walking Paths at Fort Sheridan

From: Jane Mikulski
Date: July 5, 2011
Subject: Thank You for Wonderful Walking Paths at Fort Sheridan

Dear Commissioners,

The last two weekends, I have had the pleasure of walking the new paths at the Ft. Sheridan Forest Preserve and I want to thank you for adding these beautiful paths at the preserve and completing the fantastic grading and restoration work.

During each of my visits, even though it was only 6:30am, there were already people out enjoying the property.  i encountered a large number of joggers, dog walkers, a man  taking photographs of the sunrise, a group of 12 cyclists who stopped to explore the trails, bird watchers and people taking an early morning stroll.  Everyone I talked to was thrilled to be able to enjoy the property.  These paths that you have added are being used and loved already.  Thank you for your gift to the county.

When I mentioned to these people that there might be a golf course on the property, almost every single individual was shocked and dismayed that this property could be lost.  People universally felt that it would be a waste of money.  They also felt that dodging golf balls would ruin the visit for them.

I have been at the preserve at this early hour because I am a volunteer bird monitor for the forest preserve.  I am happy to report that even though the restoration work was just completed, already a large number of Bobolinks have returned to the site.  These birds are in decline, but at Ft. Sheridan I counted 10 nesting pairs.  I also observed Meadow Larks and Red Headed Woodpeckers.  also species in decline elsewhere, but making a home at Ft. Sheridan today.

Your vision to keep this property free of golf development will bring great joy to so many people in the county as well as help wildlife.  Thank you again for giving the people of Lake County an exceptional gift.  I promise you, it is being well used and loved.

Jane Mikulski


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