Fort Sheridan Future Decided Tuesday, June 14

This Tuesday, June 14, the future of Fort Sheridan will be determined by the Lake County Forest Preserve Board of Commissioners.

The Board will entertain a motion directing preparation of Request for Proposal for private funding, construction and operation of a 9-hole golf course at Fort Sheridan. Your Lake County Commissioners are pursuing this initiative in the face of losses year to date (10 months) of $368,829 with operating income down 130% ($232,213). As you know, unrelated to this year’s miserable weather, these losses have been ongoing for years.

What is the County Forest Board thinking? Will this proposal be approved? If approved, will this impact forest preserve projects in other areas of the county?

Every municipal golf course in Lake County  is losing money.  This year, alone, Bittersweet golf course in Gurnee failed and was taken over by the village. Lake Barrington Shores golf course has been foreclosed.

Astonishingly, taxpayers seem to have an unlimited appetite for subsidizing golf. If the Fort Sheridan golf course is built, even with private funds, it will reduce revenue to nearby golf courses by as much as 10%, creating even greater despair and public subsidy.

The Lake County “Special Call Board meeting is at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, June 14 at the County Building, 18 N. County Street in Waukegan. I encourage you to let your Lake County commissioner know how you feel about this matter. Now is the time to speak up. Here is a directory of County Board members.


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