Report of the Fort Sheridan Advisory Committee

Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve Master Plan Advisory Committer Report - DraftA draft copy of the report from the Fort Sheridan Master Plan Advisory Committee is circulating among the participating committee members. I thought you might like to have access to it as well.

The report is 47 pages and includes comprehensive status reports and minutes of each meeting.  But the 2 page executive summary is a decent synopsis if only a snapshot of this complex issue.  I encourage you to download Fort Sheridan Lake County Forest Preserve Golf Course – Report (a PDF document) and at least read the executive summary.

If you do, in fact, dig deeper, you will find much that is revealing about what the committee learned.  Some of these highlights include the following (all from the report):

  • Golf supporters were very local. Most households supporting golf were from Fort Sheridan (57.9%).
  • Open Space supporters were more spread out across the region, with 26.7% of households outside of the immediate Fort Sheridan Preserve communities, which suggests that the site’s future is important to many in the rest of Lake County and also in the greater Chicago region.

The committee, as earlier noted, was unable to arrive at a consensus. The consultant concluded, “Based on these comments, there was no clear consensus on a recommended use for the site”

And the final cop out  of this committee: “when asked by the consultant, no one disagreed to sending a recommendation to the Forest Preserve Board to issue a RFP to ascertain the feasibility for privatization of development and operations of a hybrid golf course, based on Concept 2B, at Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.”

Whew. Monkey off THEIR back.  I love the part “no one disagreed” – not that they actually agreed. To anything.  Thank you committee members for your , er, leadership and courage. Sigh.

Watch these videos of each committee members explanation of their position on this issue.

Next Steps:

“The consultant has prepared this draft report of the process and results of this Advisory Committee and is sending the report to the Committee members for final review. The final report will then be sent in January to the Forest Preserve Board. The newly elected Forest Preserve Board President and LCFPD Board Committees will make the decision on when to begin their deliberations regarding the issue. LCFPD Board and Committee meetings will be open to the public.”

As always, we continue to invite you to send your opinion about this matter in an email to Lake County remains interested in public opinion. And yours counts.

If you act, please include your name and address and phone or email address to validate your comments.


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