Lake Bluff Says No Golf at Fort Sheridan

We have reviewed the information as a board, we believe it is not in the best interests at this time for the Forest Preserve to develop a blended scenario (golf course/public access) … – Sandra Hart

It was reassuring to hear Sandy Hart note that her comments were truly representative of her park district board.  Her comments were not personal ramblings like Park District of Highland Park’s Elaine Waxman. Her comments were not last minute scribbling of cobbled together thoughts delivered almost incoherently by Highland Park’s Mayor Belsky. It was not double talk about fiscal integrity which had no integrity like Commissioner Anne Bassi.  And it didn’t ignore the interests of her constituents like Susan Loving Gravenhorst chose to do. And it didn’t suggest cutting the baby in half and making sure everyone lost like Commissioner Feldman suggested.

In contrast, Hart’s representative comments were reasoned, empathetic and thoughtful. The golf course, Hart said on behalf of the Village of Lake Bluff Park District, should not be built because:

1.       The overall economic impact… is actually greater for open space than it is for golf

2.       Open space is vital for sustainability and economic impact

3.       There is potential revenue loss to local courses – And the 5% to 10% hit to Lake Bluff course would be devastating

4.       Declining golf rounds being played

5.       Not fiscally prudent at this time

This is the position of the Village of Lake Bluff Park District which has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on its golf course. We appreciate their common sense. And we happen to agree.


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