What “They” Are Saying about Fort Sheridan Golf

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the words of others in response to the revelation that a Fort Sheridan Golf Course is going to cost $14,000,000 to develop.

Comments from story posts at the Daily Herald:

“Wait. We have people starving and school districts out of money and we needed another golf course for the elite?”  – penlight

“Country clubs and cemeteries are the biggest wasters of prime real estate! Dead people? They don’t need buried nowadays. Ecology, right?” – Blankett

“Who is paying for this? Not my tax dollars I hope! Private company, I have no problem with. Tax dollars are needed urgently in other existing areas, such as, school districts, villages , cities, towns, etc. Do Not Spend Tax Dollars on a Frivolous venture!”

“Has the recession passed on by the Forest Preserve District?”

“I still think my idea of just digging 18 holes in a field, mowing just tee off areas and small greens and leaving everything else as one giant rough would make it the world’s most challenging golf course, meet the legal requirement to install a golf course on the land, and be a heck of a lot cheaper. The last time I proposed that though, I got a lot of thumbs down – I’m guessing from golfers who don’t want a challenge greater than waddling from their golf carts to the tee.”

“if public money is being used, they should not build a golf course and then charge fees that most peole cannot afford. why to towns inisist on building golf courses whenever they get a few acres of open land?” – ukiddinme

“Why are we beating this dead horse. This golf course is a financial black hole. Not only will the new course barely break even on its own, it will cannibalize rounds from other local courses, increasing the burden on taxpayers.

All experts agree that golf is in decline and there is a glut of courses. Golf course owners want to see fewer courses and they are adamantly opposed to public ownership of courses.

Build this course and we are ALL losers (financially).

Some candidates for the County Commission claim to be fiscal conservatives yet they are proponents of this course. How can they reconcile support this golf equivalent of a “bridge to nowhere” with their claim that they will be good stewards of our tax dollars? I don’t get it.”                         – Ima NonGolfer

“Guess whose property values will go skyhigh IF this golf course gets built? For the rest of us who will foot the bill…sinking home values. Nice livin in huh huh Highland Park.” 1eye4U

“What the neighboring residents fail to realize is this. They anticipate a golf course fitting of the class A real estate this property occupies. What they will receive is a short public course that will be operated in the fashion of the other FP courses. It will be no where near what they expect.

In the past on this message board I have asked supporting local residents if they have ever played golf at ANY of the other FP courses. I’ve never received a response and therefore can only conclude the answer is “No.”

This is just another case of “I Want, I Want, I Want.”  – Bobroo


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