Old Fort Sheridan Golf Course was Fine – But Don’t Build a New One

Lake County residents are stepping forward in increasing numbers to object to a golf course at Fort Sheridan. Listen to some of their voices:

(From comments made on Gazebo News website:

David Barkhausen says:

If there was to be a golf course at Ft. Sheridan, the County Board should have kept the one that was there. Since it was prematurely torn up, it would be a poor investment of tax dollars to build a new one, given the slackening demand for golf since the transfer of the property from the Army to the County, the financial impact it would have on other publicly subsidized courses, the unique quality of this property as a natural area, and the better uses to which the FPD should apply the money it would otherwise spend on a golf course.

This discussion seems to have been driven to an excessive extent by the small number of golfers who live on the Ft. Sheridan property and not nearly as much by the interests of the much greater number of residents in the southeastern part of the County and residents and taxpayers throughout the County.

This property would be, and to some extent already is, a standout among County forest preserve areas. The County Board should use a small fraction of the cost of building a golf course to enhance its natural features.

As a related matter, the Board should use another small portion of the expense of building the golf course and the proceeds from the recent FPD bond issue to exercise their contractual option to purchase the State’s interest in the Forest Preserve property along the Skokie River north of the Lake Forest Open Lands property (the Lake Bluff site) and devote some modest resources to enhance the natural qualities of this property, which the Lake Bluff Open Lands Association has been doing themselves for a number of years. This would have a very modest cost, as the this is forested, floor-prone property ill-suited for any development. The Lake Forest Open Lands property to the south is part of the Illinois Nature Preserves system, and the 35-acre parcel owned by Lake Bluff and managed by Lake Bluff Open Lands to the north of the Lake Bluff FPD site has just been registered by the Village with the IL Nature Preserve Commission as a protected “Land and Water Reserve,” a step the LCFPD has taken with a number of your other parcels.


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