Fort Sheridan Advisory Committee at Bat with 2 Strikes & No Balls


Thank you, again, for your continued support for the preservation, public access and natural development of the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.

This Wednesday, April 14, the Fort Sheridan Master Plan Advisory Committee will meet to consider the fate of the proposed golf course on Forest Preserve land.  This will be the third meeting in what has been a fruitless endeavor to achieve any sense of consensus. This committee’s impending failure only makes your personal involvement more valuable to saving Fort Sheridan.

Here are a few things you can do.

1.       Share your concern and interest with others. Forward a link to this page to at least one other person.

2.       Join the Fort Sheridan Facebook Group.

3.       Post your thoughts and comments for Advisory Committee members and Commissioners to review at  They WANT to hear from you. And there is NO public comment at the advisory meetings. Be sure to include your name, address, phone or email for them to validate your input. You do NOT have to be a Lake County resident; Fort Sheridan is a national treasure, not a neighborhood park. Make that point.

More stuff you might want to know:

1.       The April 14 Advisory meeting will be held at the Gorton Center, 400 East Illinois Road, Lake Forest at 6:30PM. You are welcome to attend.

2.       Inform yourself of the issues here:

a.       Lake County Forest Preserve website (objective)

b.      Fort Sheridan blog (you’re here) (opposed to the golf course)

Thank you again for you interest.  If you have questions or comments please call or write me.

Only You Can Save the Fort,


Sonny Cohen


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