Just Enjoy It

It appears in YouTube as “birdapalooza at Fort Sheridan”  Listen closely in this video and you can distinguish the Red-winged blackbirds, Bluebirds, Goldfinches and Chickadee challenging the waning days of winter. The sound of nature establishes its domain over the land. What a marvelous place this is.


2 thoughts on “Just Enjoy It

  1. Here’s the answer to your problems!
    A new generation Hybrid mid-distance golf course and Hybrid golf ball have been developed to remedy situations such as the Ft. Sheridan site. It allows the sustainable development of modern courses to be less invasive, eco-friendly and require minimal land usage. Provides courses economical to build, maintain & play, with the same traditional golf game, but in a quicker format, appealing to a wider spectrum of golfers.
    These new Hybrid courses are designed to reduce the overall ecological footprint, with less environmental impact and not be a draw on taxpayers.


  2. This golf course is bad for Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Highland Park. These cities will all suffer from reduced golf play, regardless of the type of course is built.


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