$400,000 Grant to Restore Lake Michigan Shoreline

Our interest in Fort Sheridan is related to our broader interest in the Lake Michigan lakefront.  I’ve driven around Lake Michigan a couple times as well as having specific experiences with its lakefront along both the east and west side of its 307 miles length. There are a lot of bad stories to tell and I’m working hard to make sure that the golf course at Fort Sheridan doesn’t become another one.

So it is always a pleasure to report some good news.  That’s why it is great to share that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Open Space and Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Program has awarded a grant of $400,000 to the Park District of Highland Park (PDHP). The grant will help enhance recreational facilities and provide ravine and bluff improvements at Rosewood Beach.

PDHP plans to replace an old bathhouse (changing facility) that was removed several years ago, with a pavilion offering restrooms, showers, changing areas and a food concession. In addition, the project will provide improved access to the beach by reconstructing a ravine trail that dates from the 1930s and an accessible walkway on and to the beach for people with limited mobility, as well as restore degraded shoreline areas.


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