2010 County Budget Overlooks Ft. Sheridan Golf Course Money Pit

Michelle Feldman
District 22 Representative
Lake County & Forest Preserve Board
18 N. County Street – 10th Floor
Waukegan, IL 60085-4351

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your letter discussing the Lake County 2010 budget and other matters. I note you are with the majority of Commissioners who have given back your salary increase. I appreciate the gesture but I’m sorry this is necessary. You work very hard for this pay. Similarly, I regret the other actions taken to the detriment of Lake County employees. They are such a great, dedicated and talented resource. I know and work with many of them and I hate to see them get the short end.

However, Michelle, while all this posturing is taking place, the County is wasting its time and resources on the Fort Sheridan golf course matter. It looks like now you’re going to hire a facilitator to try to help the Fort Sheridan Master Plan advisory committee find a solution and make their recommendation. This is so obviously a charade. Those in our community are murmuring about this and the volume is increasing. First the County chooses to not make a decision, pushing the matter to be considered among irreconcilable adversaries. Now it intends to throw additional money at this problem to pretend to find a solution. Nobody is fooled and those who are trying simply look foolish.

Your letter references “declines in sales” which are, in fact a 43% decline mostly from a decrease in golf revenues.  FY2010 will only exacerbate this number.  Do you need a fiddle to play while Rome burns? Continuing to even consider the Fort Sheridan golf course is preposterous with this background.

There are only three entities in Lake County that support this golf course. These are the Cities of Highland Park and Highwood and a small group of vocal residents who have taken over the Town of Fort Sheridan Homeowners Association. That’s it. There is no widespread support.

We elected you on the basis of your commitment to leadership.  Please show some.

Happy holidays and a safe and healthy New Year.  Let’s bring this matter to a proper resolution in 2010.


Sonny Cohen


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