Congressman Mark Kirk’s Top Worst Spending Project in Lake County

Top worst spending project in Lake County has Mark Kirk's support
Congressman Kirk whines about $16 million wasted on Federal projects while advocating a $25 million unneeded and unwanted golf course luxury in Lake County

Today I received soon-to-be-former Congressman Mark Kirk’s email identifying the top 11 worst spending projects in the 111th Congress and I found it wholly disingenuous. This list that he is whipping around identifies a whopping (sarcasm intended) $16 million in wasted public funds by our Federal Government.

However, Congressman Kirk feels perfectly comfortable aggressively advocating the Lake County Forest Preserve District build a municipal golf course in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve which is both unneeded and unwanted and has a high probability of bankrupting the enterprise fund Lake County uses to operate its golf course facilities.

Although the golf course is  estimated at $25 million++  to build, even the most conservative estimates for this wholly unnecessary luxury exceeds the TOTAL cost of ALL the items on Congressman’s Kirks list that he circulated to demonstrate Federal excess.

I strongly recommend the man who would be Senator get off the team who are keeping this golf course matter on life support. Because of his continued support for the golf course he is wasting Lake County’s time and resources as they work to protect the public from him and the small cadre of his next door neighbors – all of whom live adjacent to the proposed Fort Sheridan property (What? Are you surprised?).

The  more aspiring-to-be-Senator Kirk speaks about fiscal integrity, the more his support for the golf course boondoggle demonstrate his lack of commitment to this principle. It is time for Congressman Kirk to upgrade his thinking about this matter in light of the circumstances of 2010 and not how they were in 1995.


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