A Good Sign

Please stay off newly seeded areas
Public access is offered in return for a little cooperation now.

Like hundreds of others, I took advantage of the great weather over Thanksgiving break to enjoy some time at Fort Sheridan. As I biked in, I was excited to see several people out in the meadow walking along a nascent path that had been mowed in the emerging flora. It gave me hope that one day this sight might not be so unusual and the area would be alive with hikers, joggers, bikers and dog walkers taking for granted this remarkable land that can’t be taken for granted at all.

Golf prohibits public access at Fort Sheridan
Golf will prohibit public access at Fort Sheridan.

My spirits were further lifted when I saw the sign placed by the Lake County Forest Preserve.  In response to the obvious demand for access to this precious land, a sign had sprouted along with the new growth. The sign made a simple request, just stay out for now UNTIL the vegetation is established. Give the plants a chance before the crowds clamoring for access turn the trails to mush. It’s a fair warning and so much better than “Golfers Only Beyond This Point”


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