Vote to Seek Bids Reveals Lack of Leadership

Tomorrow, May 28th, the Lake County, Illinois Board of Commissioners is meeting to decide the next steps they should take regarding the development of a golf course at Fort Sheridan. As I understand the matter at this point, the issue will be framed as a decision to go forward to solicit new bids. The alternative is to decide to seek relief from the deed restriction that compels them to move forward with the golf course option.

I believe they will vote to seek bids. Some of the Commissioners are fully behind the golf course. I don’t really fathom their support. But their flag is clearly planted. However, I know that many Commissioners who will vote for seeking the bids really don’t want to see this golf course built. The problem is, they lack the spine to take that position. Rather, they will curry favor by supporting the golf course bid.  And then they will hope against hope that the bids come back once again too high to build this course.  If you asked them if they think a golf course at Fort Sheridan is the best use of this property, they would say, “No.” But when asked to vote to support seeking bids to build the golf course, they will vote, “Yes.”

It has been said in many quarters that, were it not for the deed restriction, the development of a golf course at Fort Sheridan as a matter of public value and good land use would never be up for discussion. Here is a great opportunity for Commissioners who believe this to show leadership.  I don’t have the confidence they will.


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